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Biodegradable Bags

The 100% biodegradable bags from Natural Bag are available in bioplastics (cornstarch) and the tree-free PaperWise.

Natural Bag is always striving to come up with the most durable and effective solution in terms of materials used and the manufacturing of its products.

Bioplastic carrier bags

The compostable bioplastic bags offered by Natural Bag are similar to polyethylene (plastic) carrying bags in strength and tensile strength and can be reused several times. All bioplastic bags supplied by us are certified with the seedling logo, the OK compost logo or the OK compost HOME logo. Only products that have been produced in accordance with the strict European standard EN 13432 for compostability may use these marks and logos. This European standard has been setting the criteria for biodegradable or compostable packaging since the year 2000, so you know that you are getting a reliable product when partnering with Natural Bag.

At Natural Bag we provide four different models of bioplastic bags, each of different size and thickness. Bags with a punched handle with or without reinforcement or bags with a flexible loop. All bags are suitable for almost any conceivable color printing. The following tables list the sizes, thicknesses and minimum order amount per type of bag. On the right you can see an impression of the design of the bag. We also offer T-shirt bags suitable for customized printing with your own logo or design. Alternatively T-shirt bags with a standard “I am NOT Plastic” print are readily available from stock.

Private Labels

Private label manufacturing services. Natural Bag as your trusted and reliable service provider for large volumes. We offer efficient, reliable and consistent high quality products and services. We are specialized in high volume custom-made orders. Markets served are retailers, wholesalers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, boutiques, governments, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, museums and many others.


Discover your options; single color to full color, we will help you to make a beautiful bag that meets your specific needs and desires. You can request a sample by clicking (here). compostable bag from Natural Bag carries you further!

  • Flexographic printing process
  • Line work: 1 up to 8 PMS colors
  • Printing: Beyond the edge (bleed) print not possible. Around the printing we always keep an unprinted edge of +/- 5 mm.

Specials: Special sizes and thicknesses are possible, but the minimum order quantity is higher. 

We will gladly advise you in making your choice of bag that best suits your needs naturally at a competitive price!

Storage instructions

The bioplastic bags of Natural Bag can be stored easily for 1.5 years if kept in a closed box in a dry and dark place at normal (room) temperatures. Please follow these storage instructions:

  • Do not place in direct sunlight;
  • Do not place in hot areas (Keep at room temperature ~19C);
  • Store in a covered warehouse;
  • Do not place in a moist environment;
  • Keep boxes closed as long as possible;

We advise to use the carrier bags within 12 months following the date of manufacturing (see label on the packaging box).

Tree-free paper bags

Your personal next generation wood-fiber free paper bags available starting at 1,000 pieces.

PaperWise Paper

  • Natural, 150 gr/m²– luxury bags


The Ancient Egyptians already knew it: you don’t have to cut down trees to make paper, they used papyrus from the papyrus plant.

We know it too. Natural Bag proudly presents the paper bag 2.0 = a bag made from tree-free paper from agricultural fibers.

The world is ready for a structural and truly sustainable solution for making paper and cardboard. High time for all of us to think about the source: back to the origins of the raw material of paper. Are you joining too?

The advantages of a bag supplied by Natural Bag

  • High-quality prints
  • All our products are 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • All our biobased plastic bags are EN13432 certified
  • Environmental impact of tree-free paper bags is 47% lower than FSC paper made from wood fibers
  • Environmental impact of tree-free paper bags is 29% lower than recycled paper
  • Combating deforestation – protects biodiversity
  • The production process of a bioplastic bag is more energy efficient and friendlier to the environment than plastic bags, resulting in less CO2 emissions
  • All our products are made from annually renewable raw materials: for example corn residues, straw, bagasse or vegetable starch
  • Reduces the plastic soup
  • The paper used in our bags is up to 7 times recyclable
  • With bags from Natural Bag your organization shows that it is committed to sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship
  • Natural Bag is a pleasure to do business with: we do what we say and say what we do!
  • Bioplastic carrier bags with custom printing from 5,000 pieces
  • Tree-free paper carrier bags with custom printing from 1,000 pieces
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