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Our natural bags are fully compostable and biodegradable. We understand that you, the buyer, need certainty that these bags are in fact fully compostable as we promise.

The bioplastics used in the bags we offer are extensively tested by the independent testing organization Din Certo TÜV Austria. All our bioplastic products meet the stringent requirements of the European standard EN 13432:2000 for compostability; including the inks and all of the components and additives.

Please check your local regulations to be sure how to correctly dispose of the compostable (EN13432) bag/sack as waste.


Packaging or products carrying this logo are guaranteed biodegradable in industrial composting facilities. This includes all of the components, inks and additives. Products carrying this logo may be disposed in the compost bin.

OK Compost HOME

The OK compost HOME certification is given to products that can be composted outside industrial composting plants. The characteristics of this category of products and packaging make them suitable for the compost heap at home. This is possible because the process of composting is slower and the temperatures needed are lower than in a compost plant. In addition, the products bearing this logo may also be disposed of in the compost bin.


This logo is used mostly by European suppliers on packaging and products. Products carrying this logo are, as well as the ones with the OK Compost logo, are certified guaranteed biodegradable in an industrial composting plant and may thus be disposed off in the compost bin.

World Expo 2020 DUBAI Certificate of Exceptional Delivery – Sustainability

Natural Bag has earned the coveted World Expo 2020 Dubai Certificate of Exceptional Delivery – Sustainability for its extraordinary contribution to this world class event.

The Expo 2020 launched a global tender with the aim of finding the best, most sustainable and most innovative carrier bag. The jury looked at the material used, but also at the method and location of production. As the winner, Natural Bag was selected to supply all the official stores with unique tree-free paper bags.

Of approximately 3,300 suppliers from 101 countries, 30 companies were ultimately selected to receive this exclusive Certificate of Exceptional Delivery for services provided based on their product and commitment.

This places Natural Bag among the top 1% of all suppliers of EXPO2020. An achievement that we are of course extremely grateful and proud of!

The World Expo took place in Dubai, UAE from October 1st, 2021 until March 31st, 2022. 192 different countries participated, and more than 24.1 million visitors were welcomed at the amazing site.

Natural Bag’s unique tree-free paper bag is a giant step forward compared to the old-fashioned paper bag”

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